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  • international skydiving and tandem company
  • organizer of the World Parachuting Championships 2014
  • organizer of the World Cup and European Championships 2012
  • organizer of the World Cup and European Championships 2009
  • organizer of the largest World skydiving festivals 
  • more then 20.000 safe jumps each year
  • foreign affiliate of the USPA - United States Parachuting Association

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Restaurant ★★★★★ ★★★
Viewing tower terrace ★★★★★
Garden restaurant and barbeque bar ★★★★★ ★★★
Swimming pool ★★★★☆
Children play ground ★★★★
Changing tables and children seats ★★★★★
Skydiving shop ★★★★★ ★★★
Evening bar and night disco ★★★★★ ★★★

Accommodation with TV SAT

★★★★ ★★
Babysitting ★★★★ ★★
Play ground ★★★★ ★★
Free WiFi  ★★★★★ ★★★

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Why to have a jump

  • Maximum safety - provided by professional tandem pilots whose experience is continuously reviewed by approx. 200 jumps per month. 
  • Parachute system of extra quality - made in the U.S.A. using the computer safety system CYPRES and our own twin-engine Turbolet L-410 offering 100% flight safety.
  • The sole tandem company owning an exclusive carrier aircraft - also with the capacity for numerous groups; you always have priority with us.
  • Large EUROPEAN tandem centre - with own facilities in Bohemia as well as the Moravian part of the Czech Republic.
  • We take as a given the minimum height of jumps from 4.000m (approx. 13 000 feet).
  • Membership in the professional parachute association - membership in the Aero Club of the Czech Republic is included within the Department of Transportation. We conduct our activities in accordance with all relevant regulations.
  • PRINTED PHOTOGRAPHS and film on DVD - you can take away photographs of your jump, immediately developed in our professional photo-lab and a DVD with music.
  • Friendly environment - at the airport we will make you feel as if you are at home from the first moment of your arrival; exclusive personal approach.
  • You are exceptional for us - from the very beginning of your arrival, we will take care of you during your stay at the airport, on the plane, during your jump, and after you land.
  • We guarantee the BEST SERVICE - large projection screen, JUMP-SHOP, JUMP-BAR, restaurant (indoor and outdoor), children’s playground; everything is located right by the boarding point; services of the highest quality* - framed certificate with your own photograph, catering, evening DJ parties, birthday parties, accommodation and VIP-appartments.
  • The only tandem company using a professional order- and booking online system.

Prostějov airport offers high-quality services:

  • It is possible to have a jump during the whole season (Thu-Sun).
  • A large availability of jumps.
  • Parachute jumps from 4000m (approx. 13 000 feet).
  • A certificate with your own photograph.
  • Catering, evening DJ parties, birthday parties, accommodation and VIP-appartments.

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European Championships and World cup were completed

Closing ceremony was held yesterday evening, because the competition is completed.
All was great. The results are on: http://www.ec2012prostejov.info/ .

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