Visited April 6, 2012 from USA

 Dropzone Prostejov Rated 5 by: stardazzles1 on 2012-04-11

Pros: Awesome Planes, Very Educated Staff, and very cool atmosphere. HUGE LANDING AREA
Cons: NONE! 

All I can say is that I have never been to a dropzone that was as safe conscious as this team. I was blown away by the cleaniess of the dropzone as a whole and the plane was just amazing. Thanks to Jiri and to Martin for everything. I had a blast and I can't wait to come back to visit again. Hopefully in warmer weather. All in all, my experience with this DZ was one of my best. Did I say how SAFE this DZ is. They are all about some safety. ALL THUMBS UP FOR THIS DZ!!



Hello (future) Skydivers !


My name is Fabrice and I'm French. Like you, I was looking for a dropzone to do the AFF-Course in Czech Republic. I've first checked few websites then I choose this one. I had calls with Martin (boss & main instructor) to know more about the dropzone and to be sure I won't be cheated or whatever.


When I reached the airport Prostejov, it was so unexpected : you are like in a holidays resort. There is a bar, restaurant and some rooms to sleep. You (or non-skydivers) can enjoy a drink on the terrace in front of the place where skydivers lands. (have a look on the Facebook page). I don't have children but they have some games as well. 


About the AFF course, I can't be more satisfied. My two instructors (Martin & Jakub) taught me how to skydive through different exercises and ground course. Even if it was scaring I learnt step by step to be stable and to make tracks in the air. This way, you become more & more self-confident and learn to ask help to experimenter skydivers. If you think you are not able to do it, come to Prostejov and fight against your fear : instructors are there to help ! Don't be afraid of the language: although my English isn´t so good,  everything was OK, you'll learn with ground exercices, with examples...They won't let you go for sure before you know everything !


In that place, you can also meet people from all over the world : amazing austrian guys, polish, international packers, germans and the czech people as well. Maybe it won't be easy at the beginning to integrate the groups but when you share more and more ascents you'll become one of them : the skydivers !


I can't compare with other dropzone in CZ but this one was just AMAZING ! Thanks to Martin, Jakub and the staff ! 

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