IFF: INTRODUCTION TO ACCELERATED FREEFALL – The introduction to the freefall course

If you long for something more thrilling than the tandem jump is and if you want to find out whether you want to pass AFF course or not at the same time, in short if you want to taste the feeling of the freefall – then the introduction freefall course (IFF) is the right one for you.

Firstlly, you will pass the intensive course on the ground in which you will learn the basic facts about a freefall and parachute conducting. This part will be followed by a tandem jump from the height of 4000m with your instructor who will demonstrate to you the basic movements of the body which are essentials for conducting a freefall. After opening the parachute, you will assume the conducting and land in accordance with the hints of the instructor.

You will be prepared for a jump of the same level as the first jump of the AFF course is, after passing you first tandem jump. You will carry out several shiftings and movements which influence a freefall with the assistance of two instructors during a freefall. You will be adviced where to land by your instructor who will be on the ground, through a transmitter.

Jumps of IFF course are recorded by air – air method by the third instructor. The video record is worked on DVD and serves as a help for instructors while rating your jump at the same time

IFF course is usually 2 days long.

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European Championships and World cup were completed

Closing ceremony was held yesterday evening, because the competition is completed.
All was great. The results are on: http://www.ec2012prostejov.info/ .

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