FS BigWay Project

Join our elite organizing team as they lead you through a five-day camp structured to enhance and improve your big way skills. You will learn and apply the techniques of diving, floating and base work over the course of approximately 20-25 jumps.

You will receive training on exit techniques from both right and left trail aircraft, tracking tips, canopy control in large groups, and just about anything else you might have questions about when it comes to large formations. The proven model the organizers use allows smaller formations, 20-ways and 40-ways, to duplicate all the jobs, visuals, and responsibilities of a 100+ way formation. This is a ‘no fault’ approach to teaching where you are encouraged to push your limits while learning. Any person aspiring to hold a world record in large formation skydiving, who would like to be on their first 100-way, or who already has experienced the above but wants to brush up on their skills would find this camp useful.

The Prostejov Project will be a very social occasions offering the opportunity to make friends with skydivers of many nationalities and backgrounds. The nature of the jumps is that everyone moves around to try each type of position so you will meet and fly with virtually everyone. Prostejov Project will run the FS camp alongside a big-way camp for wingsuits, which will make for fascinating views skyward, and lots of opportunities to share fun across the disciplines. This is a world first – the principles of big-way skydiving are virtually identical in wingsuits and flat flying, so the cross pollination opportunities are immense, we can all learn and play together.

Start Time: 8:00am on Monday 6 September 2010. Please be registered, waivered, gear checked and ready to jump. Please make your travel arrangements accordingly. Start times for subsequent days will be announced at the end of each day.

Release Time: 6:00pm on Friday 10 September 2010


Sunday 5 September –fun and familiarization jumps with casual boogie-style organizing (optional).  Prostejov Project registration opens.

Monday 6 to Friday 10 September,  FS & Wingsuit big-way camp (you must commit to the full five days)

Saturday 11 September – Top of the Swaps (optional)– Try the other side of the coin - first flight briefs for FS jumpers, and big-way belly loads for the wingsuits. Gala banquet party night at the Hotel Tennis, to seal the event off in style.

Minimum Experience Required: 250 jumps, 50 jumps in the last 6 months or 100 jumps in the last 12 months, have been on at least a 20-way and have the ability to close 12th or later on a consistent basis. If you do NOT meet these minimum requirements, you may be asked to sit down from the dives.

What do I need to bring? Current national parachute club membership card, photo identification (driver’s license or passport), signed logbook, and ALL JUMPSUITS and/or WEIGHTS -- and/or SWEATSHIRTS to ensure your best performance in each skydive regardless of the fall rate. Please be sure your reserve is in date.


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European Championships and World cup were completed

Closing ceremony was held yesterday evening, because the competition is completed.
All was great. The results are on: http://www.ec2012prostejov.info/ .

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