Corporate Employee Days

Corporate days for employees


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We prepare Corporate Employee Days for companies and corporations regardless of size and field of business. The aim of such employee days is to support loyalty of the employees, enhance their motivation and performance, support team building and team spirit, or “just” to reward the best of them. 

Such activities are quite successful. They contribute to company team building programmes and activities focussing  on the effective solving of tasks and problems.

The scenario of the whole corporate employee day is tailored according to your requirements. You can require nearly anything such as:

  • Special team building activities during which specialists mingle together, and are individually assessed at the end. 
  • Prize competitions for your employees (individual and team competing).
  • Buffets, all day menus, drink of all kinds.
  • An official programme offering projecting technology, sound system, anchormen, etc. 
  • Workshops and briefings.
  • Sightseeing flights in a balloon. 
  • And many others you will find in our programme. 

Corporate days for OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS

We know very well that the loyalty of your clients and business partners is very important to you. Therefore, we plan the corporate day activities very carefully.

The aim of the activities is to support the company-customer relation, to build and enhance close relations between you and your business partners that are so important to you, in a friendly and pleasant environment.

A corporate day scenario usually consists of four phases – main flight programme, organized supporting programme, free subsidiary programme and a specialist programme. All day long you are provided with catering services, again prepared according to your requirements (all day menu, buffet, BBQ and drinks.

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