What is the age limit to have a tandem-jump?

Surprisingly, there is no upper age limit. You just have to feel fit. However, the lower age limit is 12 years. People under 18 must have  approval from their legal representative.

Do I need a medical examination before I have a jump?

No, you don’t.

What is the difference between a tandem jump and a tandem paragliding?

When you have a tandem jump, you jump out of a plane, free fall for 60 seconds and after the parachute is opened you fly on the parachute, which is similar to paragliding. When you paraglide, you take off on a hill top with your parachute already opened, and you just glide down to the valley below. If you want to experience a free fall, take a bungee jump. If you want to fly on a parachute go paragliding. If you want to experience both at the same time, don’t hesitate and take a tandem jump.

I would like to have a tandem jump. However, from your website I learnt that the maximum weight is 100 kg. Why?

Total weight of a tandem pilot and his passenger shouldn’t exceed 215 kg. A tandem parachute weights approx. 30 kg and our tandem pilots weigh an average of 85 kg. So 100 kg is left for the passengers. 

Is tandem jumping safe?

Company JUMP-TANDEM employs professionals having over 1800 successful jumps on their record. Many of them are, or used to be on the national team. All our parachutes are equipped with a computer safety system that opens the parachute in the case of emergency. A tandem parachute is equipped with one reserve.

Has anybody been injured yet?

Since our company started, we haven’t recorded any sprinkled ankles, nor a bruised elbow. 

What procedures do you undertake during heavy weather conditions?

We always carefully follow the weather forecast. In the case of unfavourable weather, we will contact you no later than one day before your booked jump and we will agree on the next available date of your jump. We will not let you come to the airport finding nobody there due of bad weather.

Can I jump wearing glasses or contact lenses? I don’t see well without my glasses and I am afraid that I wouldn’t enjoy my jump without glasses.

Your glasses aren’t any obstacle. We will provide you with protective goggles that can be worn over your glasses. The goggles will prevent airflow from striking your eyes. Therefore, you can also wear contact lenses if you want. 

I have problems with my knees. I am afraid of landing and hurting my knees. 

You don’t have to worry whatsoever. You will be assisted by the professionals of JUMP-TANDEM. Your tandem pilot slows down just before you land, so the pressure on your knees at the time of ground impact can be compared to one step down from a stair of a height 20cm (approx. 0,6 feet). Any other potential hard impacts are softened by the tandem pilot who will always lands on the ground as the first. 

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