Cypres challenge


The skydivers (from one skydiver plus video up to ? skydivers plus video) just have to provide a videotape on Saturday with a nice Video about CYPRES in Freefall. Must been seen the name CYPRES.

For example: - one jumper with a Cypres tube, 
                      - big formation building the word Cypres,
                      - naked skydiver written Cypres all over the body,
                      - anything crazy as you think.                   

Rules: Just one tape, time: freefall time, finished by Friday 5 o'clock. Unlimited time till Friday at the

           boogie. Judges will be announced.

Participants of Cypres challenge will take a part in raffle where you can win Limited Edition Cypres.

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European Championships and World cup were completed

Closing ceremony was held yesterday evening, because the competition is completed.
All was great. The results are on: .

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