When a dream comes true…

let s instruktory výskok z letadla volný pád

Have you ever dreamt of feeling of absoulte freedom without any support but yours which a freefall can give you? The fulfiling of this dream is close to you right now!!!

There are three ways of enjoying the feeling of a freefall and absolute freedom.

Tandem jump
Tandem jump is the best alternative for those who want to experience the feeling of a freefall without a necessity of passing a demanding training before.
If you are fascinated by the thought of the independent jump after passing the tandem jump,you can try the freefall courses. :
AFF course (Accelerated FreeFall Course)
AFF course is estabilshed for those who want to learn how to conduct freefall and if wanted how to become a parachutist
IFF course (Intoduction to Accedlerated FreeFall)
IFF course can fulfil your dream of passing an independent jump and may also help you to decide whether you want to countinue in AFF course or not.

volný pád při AFF kurzu

The english courses are held in ENGLISH LANGUAGE!

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European Championships and World cup were completed

Closing ceremony was held yesterday evening, because the competition is completed.
All was great. The results are on: http://www.ec2012prostejov.info/ .

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