AFF: ACCELERATED FREEFALL – speeded up training of a freefall

The AFF course is by far the best and the safest way of getting yourself into the world of free fall. Not only how to conduct a parachute, fly with it and even how to control ones body during the flight can be mastered in this course.

You will go through an extensive training on the ground with our instructors and a series of lectures which will prepare you for every jump at the height of 4000m.

First, you will pass a tandem jump for reviewing all the important parts of a free fall jump and parachute flight. The review will be followed by seven independent jumps at various levels and one jump for re-examination. You will be accompanied by two instructors while passing the first three jumps. You will be accompanied by one instructor while passing the other four jumps and the last jump is up to you - you will pass it on your own. You will be given support by your instructors from the beginning – they will hold your hands, they will open your parachute if needed. They will give you the instructions during free fall too. You will go through one minute of free fall every time you pass a jump.

Your jumps will be recorded by the air – air method. You will watch the video of the jump with an instructor who will point out your potential mistakes and discuss the whole jump with you after having passed the jump. All of these videos will be copied to DVD, which you will receive. The video does not serve just as an instructional help for instructors but it is a souvenir recalling your first jumps at the same time.

The instructors will communicate with you through FM transmitters while you will be descending with the parachute and that is how they will help you to land in a safe way.

After passing the AFF jumps you will have mastered the basic maneuvers of a free fall and of a parachute flight.

The course is approx. 4 to 7 days long.

Our certificate confirming the passing of the AFF course is recognized all over the world. You will also gain the license of a parachutist of Aeroclub of CZ (AeČR).

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