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Lesley Gale

Editor of Skydive the Mag

3,600 jumps
World FS records, 400-way, 357-way in 2004, 216-way in 1994
Guinness Book of Records, world mass drops, 900 in 2006, 672 in 2004
Women’s world records, 151-way, 100-way
British records, 1999, 1998, 1991
World sequential FS record (unofficial) 120-way, 2003

Load Organising

World Team Captain, UK Sector, 2011
Team captain, world sequential FS record 121-way, 2004
Brit Chicks Organiser, British Female Record 68-way, 60-way, 50-way, 40-way (2007- 2002)
UK team captain, Jump For The Cause women’s world record (2009, 2005)
Polish big-way camp, Cerfontaine big-way camp, Gryttjom big-way camp, Langar Boogie, Sky Sisters,

Personal Skydiving

Royal Aero Club bronze medal 2007
British National 8-way team (2004)
100+ skydiving medals, national, regional and international, including: -
World bronze, 16-way FS (1998), European silver, 16-way FS (1998)
European gold, 16-way FS, (1998, 1992)
Royal Aero Club Award, Nexus Trophy for Sporting Aviation Journalism

Herman Landsman

15 years experience as Instructor / Manager/DZ Operator Paracentrum Texel ( 1992 – 2004)

Currently Sales & Marketing for Aerodyne Research


Organiser/Manager of the Exotic Sky Adventures Boogies, world wide 1992 – present
   (Zanzibar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cuba, Thailand, Madagaskar and Venezuela, Malaysian Borneo, Ecuador, Thailand, Uruguay, Dominican Republic and Mozambique)
- Co-organiser Oman Demonstration Tour, 1999
- Dutch Team Captain for World Team Events in ‘94, ‘96, ‘99, ‘04 and ‘06
- Captain Safety Team for World Team ‘06
- Meet Director various Dutch Nationals on Texel/Holland
- Assistant Meet Director WC CF at Teuge/Holland, 2008

 Load Organising

Thai Boogies - Thailand, Espace Boogie – Vichy/France, Hercules Boogie,, Big Way Camps – Poland & Belgium, Extreme Week - Voss/Norway

 Personal Skydiving

12.800+ Jumps with 6,000 FS
4-way and 8-way Dutch Champion 8-way, (1984 & 91)
Organiser of the Dutch Record 72-way (1999)
World Record Holder 126-way, 150-way, 282-way, 300-way, 357-way and 400-way
World Record Holder (Unofficial ) 216-way and 297-way
Dutch Champion 4-way CF Rotation (1984 – 1992)
European Champion 4-way CF Rotation (1987)
Bronze Medal 4-way Rotation, World Championships (1986 & 1992)
Dutch CF Record 27-way, 2003©

Kate Cooper

 Organiser on most World Record large formations. 

4 Jump for the Cause Women's World Records, 181-way, 151-way, 121-way, 400-way

World Record WT '06, and the upcoming WT '11 

9,000 skydives


Mark Harris

from the UK, is a member of Birdman Team Top Gun. He was an organiser and videographer on the US National Record 68-way, and a plane captain on the 2008 71-way at Skydive Elsinore. Mark has been active in developing wingsuit training with the BPA. He is widely recognized for his ability as a videographer to backfly underneath large wingsuit formations for the duration of each jump, always getting clutter-free footage for judging.

Taya Weiss

as part of a great team of diverse wingsuit flyers, organised the US and South African National Wingsuit Records in 2009 and the 71-way at Skydive Elsinore in 2008. She is an adviser to the International Parachuting Commission Wingsuit Working Group. She flies a TonySuit.

Rolf Brombach

from Germany, organised the AN-72 boogies in Cochstedt in 2006 and 2007, including an attempt at a Guinness World Record for the largest number of wingsuit skydivers exiting on one pass. As well as many other events all over Europe, He was a participant in the US National 68-way Record. Rolf will be employing his well-known instructional skills.

Jari Kuosma

from Finland, is the CEO of Birdman. He has been involved in wingsuit formation flying, organising and coaching in Europe and around the World for many years, including organizing at the AN-72 Cochstedt events in Germany and some of the Hurc boogies.

Duncan Wright

from the UK, is a member of Birdman Team Top Gun and has been active in wingsuit formation flying since 2006. He was a participant in the 71-way Elsinore formation and a plane captain at the US National Record 68-way as well as the AN-72 events. He is a frequent contributor to the BPA's Skydive The Mag. As well as known for his no nonsense approach to organising.

Phil Peggs

from the US, was an organizer on both the 71-way Elsinore formation in 2008 and the 68-way US National Record. He flies a TonySuit and has organised and competed in Europe for several years, most recently on a TonySuit team at the 2009 Artistic Wingsuit Competition in Italy.



How to get here

Airport Prostejov LKPJ
GPS: 49 26' 42.95" N, 17 7' 51.35" E

By plane:

Brno Airport - 60 km

(Ryan Air - London, Barcelona) Ostrava Mosnov Airport - 90 km

Vienna Airport - 180 km

(various airlines)

Prague Airport - 260 km

(EasyJet and other airlines)

Bratislava Airport - 180 km

(Skyeurope and other airlines)

There are a variety of other options to fly to the JUMP-TANDEM DZ with other low cost airlines such as Ryan Air, Smart-wings Click4sky, Skyeurope, Easyjet,...

The town of Prostejov (50.000 inhabitants; 50 km north of Brno) is easily accessible by road (highways) or by train. The competition site (Prostejov airfield) is situated next to the highway; 250 km East direction from Praha (highway only); 50 km from Brno (highway only); 190 km from Vienna

Prostějov town

Sea level: 223m
Area: 46, 58 km2
Citizens: 46 436

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European Championships and World cup were completed

Closing ceremony was held yesterday evening, because the competition is completed.
All was great. The results are on: http://www.ec2012prostejov.info/ .

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