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Luxury tandem jump package - tandem jump and sightseeing flight for the special price € 159
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Are you troubling your head with an original present for your dearest ones?

Give them a tandem-jump with our luxurious gift-package!!

Introducing to you our new airplane JUMPO!

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Our plane offers tandem jump customers the following: 

  • High quality services.
  • You don't waste your time waiting for your jumps with us.
  • Our clients always have priority with us.

No other Czech company providing tandem jumps has such equipment.

Do you long for a free fall experience at a speed of 200 km/h (125 mph) without taking a full parachute course? Do you wish to outdo yourself? Tandem jump is the right choice for you!

  Did you enjoy your tandem jump? Would you like to re-live the experience over and over again and go a step forward? We offer you worldwide-acknowledged Advanced Freefall (AFF) courses.

You will always be taken care of by our highly experienced professional instructors during the course of your Tandem Jump or Free Fall Course.

You can order a Tandem Jump online, a course or a gift-package right away. Your own experience is always better than the one you can just read about!

10 Reasons Why to Have a Jump With Us!

  • Maximum safety.
  • High-tech equipment.
  • THE BEST SERVICES are guaranteed.
  • A parachute jump from 4 000 metres. (approx. 13 000 feet)
  • We have our own company tandem-jump airplane.
  • European tandem-jump centre.
  • DVD and CD photos of your tandem-jump made within an hour after you land.
  • Parachute association membership.
  • Professional services.

Look at our demonstration video and photos. You can have similar ones of your own parachute jump.

Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information, or a special offer tailored according to your own requirements. We will meet all your wishes and needs.

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European Championships and World cup were completed

Closing ceremony was held yesterday evening, because the competition is completed.
All was great. The results are on: http://www.ec2012prostejov.info/ .

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Table of distances to the airport Prostejov

Tandem jumps Brno:64 km43 minut
Tandem jumps Ostrava:121 km1 hodina 41 minut
Tandem jumps Olomouc:20 km21 minut
Tandem jumps Praha:265 km2 hodiny 36 minut
Tandem jumps Vídeň:258 km2 hodiny 34 minut
Tandem jumps Přerov:26 km21 minut
Tandemy Hranice na Moravě:58 km42 minut
Tandem jumps Opava:110 km1 hodina 34 minut
Tandem jumps Zlín:60 km1 hodina
Tandem jumps Bratislava:183 km1 hodina 36 minut

For clients from the cities: Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc, Jihlava Kunovice Šumperk, or other places in Moravia recommend tandem skydiving at the airport just Prostějov.

Tabulka vzdáleností k letišti Přerov

Tandem jumps Brno:80 km50 minut
Tandem jumps Ostrava:90 km1 hodina
Tandem jumps Olomouc:25 km28 minut
Tandem jumps Praha:281 km2 hodiny 37 minut
Tandem jumps Vídeň:218 km2 hodiny 22 minut
Tandem jumps Prostějov:26 km21 minut
Tandemy Hranice na Moravě:27 km35 minut
Tandem jumps Opava:75 km1 hodina 25 minut
Tandem jumps Zlín:37 km1 hodina
Tandem jumps Bratislava:179 km2 hodiny 36 minut

Pro klienty z měst: Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc, Jihlava, Kunovice, Šumperk, nebo jiných míst na Moravě doporučujeme tandemový seskok právě na letišti Přerov.

Tabulka vzdáleností k letišti Příbram

Pro klienty z měst: Praha, Příbram, České Budějovice, Plzeň a dalších ve středních nebo jižních čechách, doporučujeme tandemový seskok právě na letišti Příbram.

Tabulka vzdáleností k letišti Most

Pro klienty ze severu Čech doporučujeme tandemový seskok na letišti Most.

Tabulka vzdáleností k letišti Kolín

Pro klienty z východních Čech doporučujeme tandemový seskok na letišti Kolín.